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Registration & Fees

  • Duta International Tennis Academy (The Academy) reserves the right to refuse participation and registration of any player into the Academy.

Deposit & Fees

  • Each participant must pay a Deposit equal to one month’s fees together with first month fees, upon registration.

  • The Deposit is not refundable and is used to offset against last month fees.

  • Fees must be paid by the 7th of each month.

  • In case no payment is received in the month, the deposit will be used to offset on the outstanding fees and the participant will be terminated from the Academy.

  • The Academy reserves the right to change the fees as deemed necessary with prior notice given to all participants.

Parents / Guardian Responsibility

  • All parents / Guardians must ensure that players report to the Academy in the Agreed time of training.

  • It is the responsibility of each parent / guardian to collect the players on time after each training session.

  • There shall be no interference nor participation of any parent /guardian on the training.

Academy Holiday

  • The Academy will not operate on selected national and public holidays of which the Academy will put up prior notices. The Academy may also choose not to operate on any day other than public holidays of which similar notice will be given.

Leave & Absence

  • Leave of not more than 60 days can be taken from the Academy whereby a written notice must be given to the Academy14-days in advance of the leave. With this, the fees for the month will be waived.  If no notice or late notice is given, the months fee is still payable.

  • If sickness, injury or medical leave of more than 10 days is required, please notify the Academy as soon as possible and produce the Medical Certificate. The months fees will be adjusted accordingly.

  • If the participant is absent without notice for any reason, the full fees is applicable and payable.


  • In the event the participant for any reason wishes to leave the Academy, he / she shall deliver one-month advance notice in writing to the Academy. The last month, the participant can attend the training and the Deposit will be offset on the last month fees provided there is no other outstanding fees.


  • In the event of rain or missed lessons, participants can replace the lesson any other day within the month and cannot carry forward to the next month.

  • The tennis courts used are at every users own risk and while the Academy will take every precaution to look after the safety of its users while training, it cannot assume the responsibility for any loss and damage to any persons property, injury or death caused by and due to whosoever cause or reasons beyond the Academy’s control.

  • The Academy reserves the right to hold its training other than the Kompleks Sukan Negara courts at Jalan Duta whereby participants will be given notice on the change of venue.

The terms and condition herein are subject to changes whereby notice shall be given to all participants.

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